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Music Boxes

For collectors of music boxes, these motifs are a valuable and extraordinary pieces to build up their collection and a perfect present! Depending on the motif, its body is made of metal or wood and plays the loved melody in a very good sound. The clockworks have 18 notes and are produced by the leading manufacturers of mechanical works world-wide.

Each figure, the scenery and the ornaments are completely made by hand. This artistic work cannot be done by any computer or robot. All articles are made from 93 % pewter according to DIN (German Industrial Standard) EN 611-1. This is a high quality material and even allowed for use in construction of food containers. We do not add any lead for the pewter-alloy or the colours; for the health of our employees, our customers and environmental protection.

Please take a look at these especially well turned-out products:

Music Box Moon


Music Box “Moon”

The melody played is “Guter Mond, Du gehst so stille” and has about 15.5 cm in height. The man in the moon turns on a white star and watches over little sheeps. Even some angels listen for the well-known melody.

Music Box Nativity


Music Box “Nativity”

The Three Kings turn around Maria, Josef and Christ Child and bring along valuable presents. The famous melody played is “Silent Night”. The height in total is approximately 20 cm.

Music Box Carnival Marquee


Music Box Carnival Marquee

It is a scenery like at the famous Munich Oktoberfest: The music plays “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit”. The waitress keeps on bringing cool beer in litre beer mugs and fresh pretzels and veal sausages are typically eaten.

Music Box Christmas Tree


Music Box “Christmas Tree”

Who does not remember the children's shining eyes, standing in front of the lightened Christmas tree not able to wait any longer until unpacking their presents. This mood is supported by the melody “O Du Fröhliche”.

Music Box Santa Clause with Children


Music Box “Santa Clause with Children”

Santa announces the giving out of Christmas presents and all children follow him. What kind of presents did he bring with him? The teddy bear, a little train and some more surprises. The suitable melody played is “Vom Himmel hoch...”.

The shown examples are just a small part of our large assortment. There are many more ideas inside our catalogue “Rund um die Zinnfigur” (All about Pewter Figurine) – for collecting, decorating and gift-giving. Now order a printed version or easily download the union catalogue and all additional pages at your PC.

Many articles have been created according to ideas from our customers. If you should still have new motifs in mind that could complete our series, just send us an email. Maybe you will find your article here at our homepage, available world-wide, the next time you visit us!

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