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We about Us

To let you know right from the start who you are dealing with, we would like to give you the following information on our company:

Our company was founded in 1960, and has been run as a family business since then. Today it is one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of outstanding artistic pewter items.

Our production plant is located south of the old independent city of Augsburg, in the area of southern Germany, known as Bavaria. Our entire firm has about 4,500 qm, our production area, store room and administration department inhabit 2,200 qm. At the moment we have approximately 20 employees who work in both our factory and at home.

Since 1975, pewter articles have become our main product line. All models are created by artists from different motifs found in fairy tales, literature, folk art, historical toys, old occupations, heralds, old houses and different antiques.

Great importance is given to environmental factors and safety standards in the production. In the past, many manufacturers combined expensive pewter with inexpensive lead. The company KÜHN planned its initial production several decades ago with close attention to environmental factors. From the beginning we only used a pewter-alloy according to DIN 611-1 (without any lead-additives!) which is also allowed for cups or food containers. The ecologically friendly disposal of used water is part of our company standard, as well as superior ventilation and recycling of production residues.

KÜHN pewter articles are delivered to shops with high-quality and most exclusive assortments of such fine art in Europe and many other countries of the world. Customers and collectors appreciate our historical designs, handwork and quality, and therefore are ready to pay a reasonable price for a valuable product.

We hope we could give you a little impression about our company and our articles. Just be enchanted by the cute “Little World of Pewter”, you will not regret!

In case of any further questions, please send us your message to info@kuehn-zinn.de.

We thank you for your interest and hope you will remember us the next time a KUEHN pewter figurine passes your way in a nice gift shop.

Our Company Data

Kuehn Kollektion GmbH & Co KG
Richthofenstrasse 21
D-86343 Koenigsbrunn

Phone: +49-8231-96 36 0
Fax: +49-8231-96 36 36
Email: info@kuehn-zinn.de
Website: www.kuehn-zinn.de

Kommanditgesellschaft, Sitz: Königsbrunn, Registergericht Augsburg, HRA 10755
Persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin: Kühn GmbH, Sitz Königsbrunn, Registergericht Augsburg HRB 7794
Geschäftsführer (General Manager): Michael Kühn
Umsatzsteuer-ID: DE 127 462 901



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