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Fashion Accessories

Make a fashion statement with Kuehn accessories in various traditional and modern styles. The articles are specially coated at both sides for the protection of the painting and the clothes against dark places that might be possible.

Our handmade necklaces with black cord, packed in an exclusive present box, are the perfect present for the Lady. And do not forget the hat pin or brooch souvenir for the world traveller!

Some examples from our exclusive collection:

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Guardian Angel

The shown examples are just a small part of our large assortment. There are many more ideas inside our catalogue “Rund um die Zinnfigur” (All about Pewter Figurine) – for collecting, decorating and gift-giving. Now order a printed version or easily download the union catalogue and all additional pages at your PC.

Many articles have been created according to ideas from our customers. If you should still have new motifs in mind that could complete our series, just send us an email. Maybe you will find your article here at our homepage, available world-wide, the next time you visit us!

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